Thursday, June 2, 2011

one day i'll see her again. (personal)

one day i'll see her again. my dog. the dog i picked out from a litter and ran away from as she chased me. the dog i lived and breathed for 12 years. the dog that i'd make pull sleds around in the snow. and chase rocks into the water.the dog that barked at airplanes. the dog that went camping and chased squirrels. the dog i shared my ice cream cone with and ran through the spinkler with. the dog i played soccer with and taught to play dead. the dog i curled up on the floor with and invited up on the couch. the dog i watched get old and grey in her coat. the dog that loved us more than any other. the dog i sat beside as she slipped away. one day i'll see her again.

animals get old. they pass before we do but their memories live on. i hope jocelynn has and keeps those memories she will have with these dogs as dear as i keep those memories with my childhood dog...

Meet Pinot, the newest addition to our family...

Pinot ; yellow lab. playful, happy and lazy. this dog lays down in the middle of my kitchen when i'm cooking and my kitchen floor is like as big as her! Maggie below, laying down in the summer grass, doing her thing.

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