Friday, June 17, 2011

tonia & shane l engaged (photography)

tonia & shane l engaged

tonia and shane met at work. he was the guy who rode his bike with a huge smile and tonia was the girl that fell into his heart. their wedding is next year in the spring and i am so excited for the sunshine coast wedding. it's going to be as beauitful as their love is for each other. the sun was blanketed today by vancouver clouds but they definatley shined brightly. i was so excited today for their photos in green timbers and when we got there i was even more excited! green timbers was beautiful for the photos and tonia and shane really made the backdrop look even more amazing!


  1. These are so cute Bella! Awesome location and photos!

  2. there are so truly amazing pic's you have a natural eye to see the beauty of there love and life itself.. thanks you for sharing.. I wish them both a joyous remarkable blessing day.. and happy future.. always..


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