Monday, June 27, 2011

vintage + boots = love. (personal)

i love thrifting. thirft shoes. vintage awesomeness. my house is full of vintage nicknacks and i thought it was about time to start a vintage clothing collection. before, i really focused on decorating and collecting items but vintage clothing has really been inspiring me as of late....
i haven't been able to go thirfting for a long while. almost a year! but a week and bit of ago i got out with my friend and found these amazing vintage, leather boots. and i really realized how much i missed getting awesome stuff for SUPER awesome prices! these boots are a real soft leather, so you can wear them in two cute ways, up and tied and down and slouchy. i'm got sorta excited when i found them! my friend was all like, those are very bella... haha! country vintage is so my thing and these have a cowboy look to them :)

i took some photos of them cause they have some pretty cute details!

happy monday!

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