Thursday, June 30, 2011

working and running. (personal)

lately i've been running alot and consequently eating less. haha. this is a good thing for a girl who's always been a little chubby. my dogs have been really motivating me to get out in the nicer weather that vancouver has been providing. even the fat one, Pinot, wants to go for runs, which is really awesome cause - well she's fat. poor Pinot! Maggie has been super easy, but she always has been. i've been working with them alot to get them trained well and on the weekend both were off leash the entire time and listened super good! made me happy to know that the time i'd been putting in with them was worth it! i often bring them up in conversation and i'm sure people think i'm nuts or obsessed. but in actuality i'm obsessed with more than just them - their just really awesome. when we were camping i took them for an hour long run down to the lake and around the lake trails, i swear everyone in their camp ground was staring at me funny, but for me being out on the trails with a lake running is like vacation running!!

on another note...
i have a long list of goals for July so i'm a little spacey as of late, basically running life off this list. if you own one business you know what i mean, now add another on it and you'll get my goal list. almost sometimes feeling unconquerable but as long as i get one tick off that list each day i'm one day closer to the bigger picture and end result.

on top of this i'm trying to get my first book ready to go to a publisher or (not sure yet) book agent? i haven't quite decided but first goal - finish the darn thing so it's at least readable and a solid piece. for the past 9 years those character have been my safety net and to send them out into the world - i'd be lying if I didn't say it scare me to DEATH!

my husband is leaving me for 4 days to haul horses in the interior of BC, even with all the mud slides and washed out roads. a part of me really wanted to go but i had other obligations and i will MISS HIM SO MUCH! i sound so pathetic cause it's only like 4 days but i will... i know it. It will just be me, jocelynn and the 2 dogs. what will i do with all that sitting alone-ness... i will try my best to stay busy i suppose and get out with some friends - Jessica and Rob who invited me out friday evening for July 1st to white rock beach. that should be nice :) and a few other inquiries for my time will hopefully keep me away from the couch and outside. Let's have some nice weather Vancouver! I want a hot balmy weekend!

coming up this week...
i have a wedding this weekend on the sea to sky highway - well not on it, near it. in Furry Creek. about the half way point before squamish  ( i don't think that's how you spell it - but i used to live there you know!) anyway i'm really excited because it's Becky and JP's Wedding! Yep, that cute couple who did their engagement session back in april at granville island, even when it was pouring rain outside and still somehow they made it look really amazing! haha <3 excited to see them again!

so with most of my thoughts out on this week. i'll thank my second shooter and assistant Jessica White for the photos below of me and my dogs. this is in my backyard because Jess just got her new camera so she wanted to come over and get it all set up!

stay happy, it's almost friday!

- bella

photos by jessica white.

photos below i took... 

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