Sunday, July 3, 2011

canada day pix (personal)

canada day a group of us and our babies (for some) went to white rock beach and hung out, ate some fish and chips and waited for the fireworks. in the mean time we amused ourselves with our cameras. jess just got her new camera, so she took some photos of me and jytte is starting her own photography business, so i took some photos of her and some with her little guy, jarron, since as photographers we are never in photos with our babies! it was totally tons of fun!!

though, today i've been super stressed, got 3 hours of sleep last night (6am - 9am) and then woke up shaking. i will likely explain why in a later post but i really need things to settle down first and work their way out before i get more upset by posting something i might not mean. basically ever heard the saying things happen in 3, well if this was suppose to be one of "those" weekends then it was suppose to be. and it was. some things you never think can happen, happened and all the while you have that feeling in your stomach like you know something's coming and it did - in the most worst and annoying way possible! but that's for another blog...

right now these photos are kinda like a pick me up and i'm super excited to share them. i know everything will work out so please pray for me in any way you can or any way you believe. thanks.

- bella

 jytte and jarron.

rob and jess.

 photos by Jessica White.

 happy canada day! nice fireworks at the end of a great day!!

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