Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Just a fad ? (personal)

Mac. Oh Mac... oh how amazing you must be. You can trash PC and tell us all you're so great. But are you really? I look at you and you're shiny screen, your silver packaging and crisp white cables... and I'm not too sure. We all flock to you MAC (us photographers) but I've always been the one person who won't be a sheep, won't follow. I wanted a top of the line laptop for my wedding season this year. so i went out and bought a 17" Mac Book Pro that got stolen out of my truck before I really got to even know it!! Now with my replacement on my lap I seriously wonder WHY! Why are you so great MAC!?? you are not any better then PC, you are no faster, you don't even come with a card reader and quite frankly, I've had more issues with you in less than one month then I ever did with my PC so why should I stay? why should I love you? yes, you are shiny. yes, all photographers LOVE YOU and you're anit-glare anti-pc screen. so the only I can give you is say yes, your screen is amazing but you are driving me CRAZY!

I love my Ipod, not the Ipod Touch or the Ipod Nano but my BIG FAT, IPOD CLASSIC - which was my first Mac product and in my opinion is the BEST mac product. That thing is an indestructible pocket full of joy. it holds the music of my life and makes me run faster and harder each time. I love my Iphone 4 too but making the switch from MAC to PC was said to be a breeze and a happy world. that I will LOVE the mac. but i find myself at an odd with it... all those hip photographers that go to coffee shops and write their blogs while I'm out on the backside of Harrison lake with my camera, lying in dirt as my husband hunts bears... apparently, a mac may not be for me but i'm told it's so great. that it will change my life. is this just what we think... that it will "change" our life or did I MISS SOMETHING??

but yes, you are shiny and pretty MAC i will give you that. you're hip and stylish. you're sleek and sexy but my PC ran photoshop and lightroom like no tomorrow and editing photos with the same flare you do. SO WHY SHOULD I STAY!?

(maybe i'm just having a bad day or maybe I want my MAC to stand up for itself and let me know how great it really is... or maybe all of you can let me know why my MAC BOOK PRO is so amazing... cause right now... PC you're winning and guess what Bill Gates, you are a smart person. cause i want my PC *cries* ) - no but in all honestly, what heck is that little weird symbol on the command key.. that thing is weird. it's like a lulu lemon logo on crack... wow, how many of you hate me now :P

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