Monday, July 18, 2011

like WOAH!

so i've done a few weddings this year, that have been AMAZING with amazing people and more then I could ever have anticipated! but i guess other people have enjoyed my weddings too this year... other then just my clients and the guests, and me of course! i've heard a couple brides say they've seen MY photos on other people's blogs!! I was like WOAH - but then i thought - it's the internet, it's almost asking for it, but to not share images because your afraid of image theft would - in my mind - be RIDICULOUS! so i figured, obviously these thieves arn't keeping the logo at the bottom on the images so why should i ?? LOL it's not like it stops anyone! so i'm dumping the watermark and making the images smaller, like i had before. making it somewhat difficult i suppose to steal and use... honestly watermarking and blog size has obviously been a thing i just can't work out! (second year of photography-buisness-newbie-here) so yea, BYE BYE watermark! hello small images and if the people who stole my pictures are reading this.. ha! i know you do it!

haha .. now check out a brief WHOA moment on my way to Saturday's Wedding...
- bella

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