Thursday, July 7, 2011

moving past it. (personal)

so i've been getting piled up in work lately. and luckily today i caught up! though i had to push myself and that was something i'm not used - as i generally get things done like ASAP. yea i'm one of those "yesterday" people... anyway, i totally had to sit my butt down and do it. which i was happy when doing it but i had hard weekend this past weekend... though i got to go and share in becky & jp's big day (which was so full of love and happiness - i loved it) it was just ONE of THOSE weekends. so this past weekend let me kinda get piled up as i was sorta wrapped up in it but my reality check came when i had to accept it and go at it with full force of positive and love and my best possible efforts. which i think i did. i'll be sending off my first album to print in the next week or so and that i'm so excited for. i have another wedding in kelowna next weekend and after that another in penticton. then i sort of have a break from weddings for a month and bit, but have booked up some portrait session in that time which i'm excited for :) so basically this blog is like... hey i lived through a pretty crazy/unexpected weekend of stuff and i know i'll be okay. so even when everything hits the fan, stay strong and be strong and always do your possible best for any situation and you know in your heart that you tried your best and did your all.

- bella

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