Sunday, August 7, 2011

going, going, gone.

this week had been CRAZY. so much going on. lots of fun times and some stressful times but that's life. i feel like i've been kinda abusing the blog a bit... probably because i worked for alot of july with clients, now i'm spending out everyone's disc's and trying to get that all organized.
we spent the weekend with my long time (like my whole-life) friend Lauren and her boyfriend Kohle. and it was fun, we always look forward to their visits (and miss them already)!
saturday was jocelynn's little buddy's birthday Jarron, he turned one. we got two toys for him and forgot the wrapping bag for it, so he got to open it out of a walmart shopping bag, no biggie... lol then we went to the states to shop at bellisfair.
now it's sunday and i'm so tired... like everytime i stand up i get super dizzy, have no idea why, maybe it was the 5k run last night at 10pm on cement.... cement really does nothing good for me when running. unless i'm forced to... i avoid it like the plague. watershed is much more my choice of good running.

so yea, my brain is a crazy jumble of thought at the moment and somehow in between writing this i managed to write 3 pages of my novel in between thought... that makes me seem like some crazy multitasking person... probably just because that book keeps me sane... keep on keeping on.

antie ren & uncie kohle <3 miss u guys already!

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