Saturday, August 27, 2011

styled beach shoot *part one*

part one. jessi, sean & payton

everything here was made and created by jessica white of Luv & Lux : wedding & event planning. it was a hot 28' friday evening when we got there around 5pm to set up. i knew it would a difficult area to shoot in. i had the table with all the creative bits facing into the sun, no diffuser and haha, the brightest and biggest reflector ... freaking ocean! i think i've learned alot this summer though about how to shoot in such direct light. it can prove trying at times but i really enjoyed the shoot today and by far will do it again, harsh-blinding-sun or not :) ENJOY!

PARTY FAVOURS! blueberries in jar with green ribbon & starfish embellishment.

baked vanilla cupcake cones with whipping cream tops.

fresh, brewed ice tea!

the old wooden table top provided a nice surface and we loved the old worn logs we found to situate it on. the two tall logs holding the bunting were awesome too! everything was made to be!


jessi's bouquet. 


styled & designed by Luv & Lux : Wedding & Event planning
models  jessi, sean & payton
location  cresent beach
photography  bella johnson

stay-tooned for tomorrow for part two. more detail of the set up as well :) 

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