Sunday, September 11, 2011

Equine Portrait Night * Sneak Peek *

Yesterday evening I did 3 back to back portrait session at Campbell Valley Park in Langley, BC. It made for the perfect backdrop and worked out so much more amazing then I could have hoped for! 
As most of you know I've never really done Horses before but I LOVE portraits so it was pretty simple that I was gonna love portrait sessions with horses. The love between a rider & their horse is amazing. it's a true connection and i think i fell in love with being able to capture that. it was a bright, hot day so enjoy a few of these photos and stay tooned for seperate blogs of each! coming this week :) 

Marina & Tarka


Lisa & Renee


Shelia & Paige


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  1. Gorgeous! The one of the horse rearing up is just amazing as you said it was.


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