Monday, September 19, 2011

fall portraits & bodyrock update.

fall is here! well it will be on wednesday but let's not let it know that! 
i come today to you form my living room and a month later of being a bodyrocker! If you don't know what that means, check out this link
My stomach has never been flatter in my life (i'm sure of this) as i've always been a chubbier girl ! - that's gonna change soon. I've dropped about a size in a half and fit a Medium in some stores! that's pretty sweet and even though I still have a while to go, I know I should be proud up to this point and continue on in a fierce fashion. 
It marked a good day for some fall promos and my after shots of only a MONTH later! 

Check out the before... 
(like the most embarrassing thing i've ever done!!!!) remember this is only a mnth later and ya, not a huge difference but i promised this month long update/ review on bodyrocking! So HERE IT IS!!


review of areas most affected/changed in one month...
upper arms! 


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  1. Good job! I'm in the same boat of trying to tone up and drop some inches. Keep at it ma'am!


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