Sunday, September 18, 2011

Lisa & Renee l Equine Portraits

Saturday night in Campbell Valley Park was HOT. even when I got to the last session; Lisa & Renee, it was still quite warm. I was sweaty. ew. but I gotta say, the light was AMAZING! I've never done 3 sessions back to back so it was fast paced and exciting :) I love photography so much and especially when I get to take photos of an amazing team like Lisa & Renee!
Renee is Lisa's retired Show Horse. She's a big beautiful Percheron/TB and knows some pretty amazing tricks - all taught by Lisa! In the first picture below you'll see Renee doing the Spanish Walk!! 

this horse is so majestic it's not funny!! The photos below remind me of a princess and her royal mount. Both Lisa & Renee pull off this look easily!!



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  1. Absolutely terrific pictures Lisa, we love the black and white, it's gorgeous.
    I'm sure if you could you would move in to the stables.
    Thank you for sharing, proud of you.

    Love Shelley and Nathan

    Keep on a riding!

  2. Wow...just shows the true love you both share for each other. For Renee to continue doing the tricks you taught her many years ago, and rearing without a saddle there is a definite trust between the two of you.
    Great photo's!!!

  3. LISA, I remember when you and I used to fight with your brother Christopher in the back of the VW van. And now you're a princess riding bare back on a beautiful horse happier than ever. I'm so happy that you followed your passion and your gift.

    These pictures are stunning, you go girl!
    xo Laurin


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