Monday, September 5, 2011

summer end family picnic.

family picnic tonight in cresent park, in white rock - BC. lots of photos of my lil cuzzy Wes, as we only see him and my aunt&uncle about twice a year! it was nice day for a picnic! jocelynn and wes played at the park and ran around being toddlers, wes is about 3 weeks older than jocelynn. 

alrighty - hope your had a good Labour Day and long weekend... BACK TO SCHOOL! haha back to fall now! i noticed alot of leaves today on the ground!

- bella 

jocelynn didn't want to hang on to it but Wes wouldn't let go! haha

he has super big blue eyes!

it was also Dave's birthday yesterday so we gave him the half mushed/lava cake... but you know, still eatable! 

little laura. so photogenic this kid! 


jocelynn going for a ride.

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