Sunday, October 2, 2011

i am pooped. the sneak peek.

kay i don't really know where to start cause my brain in a fried thing right now, but productively speaking. it was an awesome but butt-kicking weekend. saturday i hauled horses durning the day, then got home in time to go to mel's of Grace Under Pressure's to help her get ready. we picked out a few outfits and sumit, took on the boys. they needed some posters for the CD Release this Saturday coming at the Delta Lion Pub, in Delta. if you know it, you should come! 
anyway, we set up these really bright and hot - flood lights, along with a generator and maybe i should have mentioned that we were outside of mission on a dead end road to accomplish the shoot! plus two fog machines and poof - you have grace's night shoot! 
needless to say i got home at 2am from that, went to bed for 2 hrs and got up to go do the styled shoot with alot of great people (all vendors to be mentioned on the official blog post). 
we finished the vintage shoot at about noon and then i was off to meet an october bride to work out the time frame of the big day for her. 
by the time i got home i was falling asleep standing. 
jordan woke me up at four and i did not want to get up at all, now I want to go back to bed again - but can cause the kid's alseep. i thought i'd show you all my busy weekend. I ALSO TOOK VIDEO OF EACH SHOOT! so i am planning to make 2 short vids for promotional purposes. 

thanks for stopping by. 

* saturday night - Grace Under Pressure - Mission, BC * 

* LUV&LUX Styled Shoot - Sunday Morning *


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