Sunday, October 30, 2011

kerry & Jamie Are Married!

Phew I am pooped ! writing this from my couch with my head leaning on the couch cause I'm about to pass right out i'm sure. those these last two weekends here have been awesome, busy and crazy - they've wiped me of any spare "battery reserve" i had. so more sleep will be needed still. 

enjoy kerry & jamie's sneak peek. 

also this week -> GIVEAWAY info! Maternity sneak peek! & Kristen Karma behind the show footage! 

that's alot and we're going hauling this week to Northern BC - so i know i'll be plastered to this computer trying to do everything on time. that's my goal and i'm sticking too it. lol - hopefully.




get on the facebook page and spread the word! (most my bizz comes from word of mouth and I'd really appreciate your help!)

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