Monday, October 24, 2011

late night gig-ing.

joes appartment. a very tall, narrow club/bar on granville street in downtown vancouver. a busy little place with the line ups outside to prove it. this is where i spent my friday night. 
i was hired by musician "Kristen Karma" to film a promotional video for her using clips of her performance and her fans from the night. 

I tired to take photos of all the bands before Kristen headlined the night. it was a very small number as i focused mainly on filming and my job at hand but enjoy the few snippets of the opening performances.

First band was a little powerhouse of a band named; Before Helen

now these guys might look familar, Grace Under Pressure played an awesome set - as per usual.

followed by the band Emberfield.

they have a very energetic drummer and dynamic singer.


headliner, Kristen Karma was who I worked for that night. all her footage will be released in the video. 

caveman, jesse & mat hanging out before the show. darn crazy Grace boys. but i love em.

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