Saturday, November 5, 2011

Cold Spirits.

 and just cause i have 3G momentarily... 
we're back from Alberta now heading into Salmon Arm area and then up to Clearwater to go hunting. 
below are some of jocelynn trick or treating. this was her first trick or treat experience. she was even knocking on doors and carried her candy bowl the whole way. 

below, chetwynd highway. had some dangerous snow on the roads! 

Alberta - grande prairie area.

inside the camper. - we bought a camper for these two weeks so we'd be warm and we are so happy we did. we wudda been FREEZING! (taken this morning from this point on)

-14 the truck said. that's cold. incase you were wondering.

if that doesn't get you in the christmas spirit, i don't know what will ! 

- bella 

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