Sunday, November 27, 2011

our kiddling on the farm.

ive felt like i've been neglecting to my ability to practice photography where ever i go. so today when we went out to my dad's farm i grabbed my camera bag and told myself i was gonna take some photos. i think jocelynn enjoyed it cause i spent most of the time trying to interact with her even when there was more interesting things like my dad's chickens - one of which is name "diablo" lol - i think that's such a funny name for a chicken! he has names for the others but i can't remember. anyway, it was actually pretty hard to get my OWN 19 mnth old to interact in a way that would come out in the photos. at this age their more interested in a rock or the grass or the fact that the chickens eat weeds. enjoy jocelynn on the farm!

(that's diablo above and below with a rooster)

my dad's farm is full of interesting farm things lol

i had to play peek-a-boo from behind my camera and hope it was in focus as i hit the shutter to get these but i think their cute, i'll probably print a few :) 

i felt bad for that lonely never picked tomato so i took a photo of it. see i even feel bad for vegtables lol

i got these photos by bribing her with a rock! 

that yellow moss is pretty cool. the photo below she started crying after this shot and was afraid of the spikes i guess lol

daddy cleaned out the trailer and pressure washed it so we went home :) have a good week guys!!

- bella 

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