Sunday, December 25, 2011

any dream is possible...

i feel totally weird blogging on christmas day, but jocelynn and jordan are asleep and im taking a mini break - i felt like i needed to write this before my emotions subside cause i do not ever want to forget this feeling... cause now i know any dream is possible.

i started riding horses in 1999. i started with a random spring break camp and ended up taking steady lessons there after. i rode a horse named Cheyenne, which was the first horse i really loved. i rode her in lessons until i moved to a bigger, more serious barn. where i leased horses for numerous years. All the while, i writing over and over in the pages of my journals the same thing... "please, all i want for christmas is a horse..." there was some years when i thought i'd wake up christmas morning and be told to come outside my house (which was a townhouse) and a horse would be waiting for me....

but isn't that every little girl's dream? to have a horse? to ride that horse through fields and along the beach?

after years and years of riding and leasing horses, my little dream horse came up for sale. He was 3 yr old little dark bay named Butch. now to say i "wanted" this horse was an understatement. when my dream of owning him was put in reality and i was clearly told that i would get a horse one day on my own terms - i remember my heart breaking. i remember when they sold him to someone else and i watched him leave the barn. i think about him from time to time but i know he just wasn't meant to be mine. none the less... my heart was broke. i felt a bit worn down and not long after i stopped riding - after so long of being around horses it was a slow, aching shock in my stomach every time i thought about how my love for horses had ended.

for 5 years i stared at horses in fields and watched my friends with their horses.

then 3 years ago i met jordan.

so many people have doubted everything we've done and accomplished. i know i'm young to have what i have and get to do what i do. i know how insane my life sounds to most. if my life was a plate of food it would be a very big plate and a very big meal sitting on it. and somehow everyday we tackle that plate. together.

and i know the big part of the way we make things work is because of our dreams. our random need to enjoy our life to fullest and because of what we would dream when we were young. if there's one thing i remember from when i was a kid, it was my dreams. all big and seemingly impossible. and in so many ways they have come true.

this morning i walked out my front door and there was a beautiful 2 yr old buckskin filly waiting for me. outside, at 8 am. in surrey, in my townhouse complex... with my husband holding her, my dad and jordan's parents. it's all on tape, but you can only imagine my tears, which i am crying while writing this too.

i think it really proves that if you believe, love and have amazing people in your life any dream is possible...

thank you to my great hubby and all my great family, the people at J&M rescue and Tara and her family at 4 Seasons where Lilly is living :) 


merry christmas everyone! I wish you all the best and happiness for the new year! 


  1. aaawww. that made me cry with joy for you. Merry Christmas!!!!! Holly

  2. Im in tears reading this! I am soooo happy for you! I too have been dreaming of getting another horae after many years of losing my last horse Bits. I know its not in our cards now but maybe in the future :) congrats on your new family member!

  3. That is a super awesome story!!!!! Best wishes to you and Lilly in the new year :)

  4. Congratulations Bella, I too have always wanted a horse for Christmas, This year I got one! I know exactly how your morning went, CONGRATULATIONS!

  5. This almost made me cry. And I'm also happy for Lilly. As a volunteer for another horse rescue group I know how much this means to everyone involved, too. (And as a photographer as well I know how many photos you will be taking of your new baby! :)

  6. lovely , lovely story....little buckskin lilly was a favorite of mine too....but i knew she was going to you...good luck with her..happy new year...!!

  7. I am very happy for you . A beautiful Christmas present. Hope you have a long life growing together. Merry Christmas to Lily and you and your family.


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