Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the bella johnson leather albums!

these Bella Johnson leather bound album are designed by me, myself and I. I really enjoy doing it, though time consuming it's nice to see a finished, polished product for clients. 

This album is for Hene & Gary, you can view their June wedding here.
this is an 8x8 brown leather, with bound photographic paper. 

These Albums serve as a photographic Keepsake. It will stay vibrant & preserved, while your average print can wear and colour deteriate. if this album is kept in a warm, dry location, it will last far longer than any normal print or normal album.

some people are unsure of what i mean when i say that, so here is a finished product. the look and feel is heavy & good quality. 

It starts with 10 spreads (20 pages) on a heavy, durable photographic card-stock paper in a leather or linen finish of your choice, you may add more pages for more photographic memories! 

These albums can feature weddings, family & portrait or anything i've shot for you, and they are custom made and designed (no tacky templates to worry about dealing with - trust me, i've seen some pretty scary ones lol ) 

If you're a past client and are interested in an Album like this, please contact me for order info...



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  1. This is beautiful! So simple, yet totally classy. Love it!


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