Saturday, December 24, 2011

how to : chilly iced bulb ornament

last year i did a blog on how to make a stocking :) you can view that here!
I thought it would be cool to continue that bit of tradition by adding another christmas crafty goodness to the blog just in time for christmas eve fun! 
I created this idea after 3 days at staring at burnt bulbs and knowing i wanted to make something from them :) 

some items you need to complete this project: 
- burnt out christmas bulbs
- hot glue gun w/ fair amount of glue sticks
- loose sparkles (suggest silver so it looks like ice)
- metal hanging hooks

this projet is good for people who aren't patient, don't have alot of time, needing something to gift people christmas day and like homemade items :) oh and you have to be okay with some mess.

LET'S GET CRAFTY... (so lame - i know)

1) Pick out bulbs. I used burnt out bulbs because a) your reusing something you would just throw out and b) they have an older weathered look that goes better with the ice-look you create.
note: i used darker colors like blue, faded green and burnt red. they looked the best :) 

2) grab glue gun and put over tip of bulb and edges, sprinkle on glitter.

3) after desiered effect, put another glob of hot glue on top of bulb and hold the hook where you want it. i let it dry and then i put on more glue over it and sprinkle glitter. looks more like built up ice.

4) after the glue is dry and hook is secure you can hang it on your tree or get it ready to gift. 
every bulb will turn out differently and each will have it's own character! check out some of the ones i did. I made about 12 in an hour and a bit (course - i was like doing ADD christmas so i was all over the place lol) 

ENJOY you're christmas guys! and do this craft if you need something cozy to do on christmas eve tonight :) 

- Bella

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