Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a WRAP. 2011

as i look back on 2011 i tried to think of words i could say about it... i wanted it to be meaningful to this year...

2011 was both an exciting and a challenging year. i think we did it on purpose though. though i must add - that learning curve was extremely crazy.

this was by far my most whirl wind year yet. 2011 was the toughest and happiest.

i laughed, cried, felt happy and sad. i'd question why or how and sometimes i'd just want to know an answer - even when i would not get one.... there were brilliant moments this year along with not so brilliant ones. great family fun and family we said goodbye to. there were long days and short days but mostly short. there were scary days, and days we looked danger right in the face. days i knew we had angels. and days i felt i could fly. i saw places and people i never thought i would. and somewhere towards the end of this year - i knew that a part of what made me so afraid as a child had disappeared.

i will turn 22 this year, a baby still to so many. where others tell me i missed out and i didn't see enough before i settled... well, they may say that all they like but i dreamt this life (and no im not just talking about getting a horse for christmas lol). when i was 8 years old. i played it over and over in my head like a movie. i knew all the words. i knew the ending. for that simple, innocent reason i believe where others see threat and danger, it's how i see chance and future.

if you're holding back on something because you feel fear. well it is not fear holding you back at all.

in fear of missing things...
i decided to just make a video of 2011 to wrap it up for you. most footage/photos from the trusty iphone.

PS - Christmas part with Lilly : i would have put in sound but you can't really hear much anyway but you can clearly see my crying face lol point is - you see there is a horse out front of my house when i come outside and my reaction!

anyway, thanks for reading and...
Here's to 2012!

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  1. Such a fantastic video! And a wonderful keepsake for you family. I just love it :)


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