Friday, January 27, 2012

my evenings now.

everything from funny faces to wet dog kisses. most days i now spend taking care of lilly and other horses during the day, or taking photos or... lol most nights now consist of jocelynn being a goofy-loofy toddler. but we love her, she's so funny. even when she forces maggie and pinot to walk up and down the hall over and over. im pretty sure they'd sit if they hated it (like pinot often does) but maggie can't say no so she usually gets subjected to this. after joce goes to bed i basically fall asleep! but life is pretty sweet right now. i like how things work out, even when they arn't making sense right away it always seems there's a reason for it in the end. 

so my lack of blogs is mostly cause of this... i will try harder. promise.

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