Monday, February 6, 2012

Do you Hate Rats?

most people hate rats. or that's what they say. like most things in life, people make opinions before they are educated on something. watever, you know you do it :p 

Anyway, rats in particular i feel get a pretty bad rap. Mostly from their friendly neighbours, the wild rat. 
rats in actuality, when raised by humans make very good pets. 
first, i'll go over why people "hate" them. 

1) they are dirty. 
actually- rats keep themselves very clean, they clean each other and as well, will bath themselves when given the amenity. my rats have a bowl of water, they are always very clean. With my past rats i would only give them a water feeder. I noticed they would keep themselves as clean as possible by grooming themselves but they would need baths. Our rats now are some of the cleanest rats i've ever had, because I give them an option to bathe when they want. 
If you choose to just do a water feeder - they are pretty clean and require a bath once a month at the most. 

2) they are mean.
wild rats are naturally shy. they are scavengers and they will avoid humans for the most part. but they have developed a "mean" rap because they are usual pests when in the wild.
Pet rats are very friendly and I have never been bit. even when they were babies. hamsters, gerbils and other rodents i've heard from my friends are more agressive. i think of all of them rats and guinea pigs are the way to go for children. i've never owned a guinea pig but i know alot of people that do and they do quite well with being a pet. overall, as long as you are not abusing them, i cannot see them being agressive. but that is like any animal. 

3) they stink.
sure, they stink ... if you DON'T clean their cage! 
i have heard from soooo many people that their rodents stink. 
Rodents, bunnies, guinea pigs only stink if you let them. and if they get to a point where you're smelling them all the time, that is abuse to the animal. 
Our rats require a cage clean every week in a half to two weeks. depending on what they've been fed. some small pets may require more, like the bunny. 

but for the most part, RATS have a bad rap because of media. 
yep, kids shows, tv, movies, story books... rats are always the mean, invasive little rodents everyone hates. 

so you've read all this and you still hate rats. i know why you still hate them.
their tales and their teeth! 

well, i can't change their actual physical appearence. i guess you shouldn't own a rat. lol

our rats are $2 feeder rats we bought when they were about the size of their heads now. 
in the past i have purchased "pet bred" rats and have nothing but issues with them. including death, one by stroke that came out of no where. 
my last "feeder" rat lived for 4 years and died of old age peacefully. 
these guys, tweak & butters, have been around since Aug 2011. So far they have been very healthy and well behaved. 

they are vey easy to keep. they live in any type of shavings, i give them old beer boxes to nest in and we built shelves for them to climb by using chicken wire. the cage is an old bird cage i bought at a thrift store for $10 - overall the rat is easy to keep and cheap. 
they probably cost about $5-8 a month. $8 if i'm feeling generous lol.

rats will eat anything. i often call them little dogs. while grains are a majority of their diet. they enjoy fresh vegetables and once in a while meat scraps. i think from given them small portions of table scraps a few nights a week keep these rats pretty healthy. their coats are still very soft and they are not obese. 
though rats can get fat easily! 

hope you liked the rat post. have any questions you can post below! 
i've had rats for almost 10 years now! 

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