Friday, February 10, 2012

late night thoughts.

so here i am writing yet another blog post on things that are on my mind. most of the time these blogs just sit unpublished in my blog files. sometimes there too ranty, or maybe i think i'm a bit opinionated, i'm afraid to offend people or show every side of me. but then i sit here and think why can't i show every side?

fear is the only thing that holds people back. fear blatantly holds me back. like when i don't push publish or when i second guess myself, don't give someone my business card or call it as it should be called. 

there are too many fears i have, i find myself almost screaming at myself in my head to get over them. in a way i have conquered some of them. like when i was a kid i would get so stage fright. i would freeze even if i had to read something aloud in my class or recite a poem. 

then i joined a band when i was 14. all those fears left me the first time i stepped on stage. with a fender bass in my hands i had NO IDEA how to play. yet we still went up there and played as good as we could... but from that day forward -  i never felt the fear that used to hold me back from public speaking. weird right? 

anyway, the point is, at some point we all need to face those fears. even if your unsure, you'll have to face them one day. what's the obvious of this post. that we all have fears? 

well, yeah and to be honest, i think fear shows your a real person. not a person pretending. i would only hope my uncensored blogs tend to show my imperfection to life. a good example of fear i read in blogs is - about how life is hard...*pitty jerk* because everyone's life is hard in some way... so to post a blog on how hard i work or don't - is just annoying lol. i kinda like it laid out. but it's fear that would push someone to write a post on the obvious. i never have time, i don't sleep, i work too much... ugh don't we all? write something real people! 

i say grab whatever fear you have and push publish. but publish the truth. 

jeez, maybe i'm just blogger-cidal.  

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