Thursday, March 15, 2012

random life tidbits.

jocelynn is obessed with trains. like i don't mean she "likes" them. she's like IN LOVE with them. i'm not joking when i say she can navigate my iphone4's youtube app, search & select the videos of trains she wants to watch and she's not even 2 yet, I dunno. I never thought a toddler would be able to figure out an iphone that easy, apparently they are very easy for her, yet my grandparents just understood how to make a photo go to the next by dragging their finger across the screen, way different time! and their face when they do that is like "omg the photo moved to the next"...  anyway, joce will be 2 on April 6th :) I still need to plan the party... my birthday is on Easter this year, I think the last time that happened I was 4 or 5, but I remember it! I will do a special post for her 2nd birthday and i will be posting alot more blogs after this as the weather has started to get better so we are doing alot more stuff now!

this weekend; newborn session, fashion/product shoot for my good friend Sumit Prasad then sunday Horse Brazzar at Thunderbird show park in Langley! (pony rides, fun stuff & clinics, horse tack - i'll be bringing my camera for sure)

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