Monday, March 26, 2012

some fun news!

Yep. I'm finally getting MARRIED.
I've been engaged since 2009 haha but we put a few things first before actually getting married (house,kid,dogs,truck,ect) and even though I feel married in my heart - I think it's time we actually got married. Like whole dress and walking down the isle sort of thing, and let's not forget the party afterwards :)
so in light of this amazing turn of events - I decided to share as much of the planning process with you all as possible as well as the final result. this also means, I cannot back out and put it off again as you all will be watching my every move... just say yes - okay? 

also, i think it will be a cool way to document all the planning. so i'll be posting idea boards and DIY projects, anything I think other brides or readers would be interested in.

because we are so classy, i had to post the photos we took at the dog park - but it was nice light for a dog park imma thinking! photos courtesy of jessica white.


stay tooned for all our wedding plans! 


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