Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DIY l cake topper

DIY Cake Topper

items needed: 
- wooden round balls
- wooden pedestal
- wooden dowels
- colourful paper
- wood glue
- acrylic paint
- twine or wool

- general craft supplies : scissors, paint brushes, pencil ect. 

1) GLUE round wooden balls together. I put the big one on top to make it look "cuter" 

2) CUT small triangles out for bunting.

3) PAINT little characters. this one is suppose to look like Jocelynn.

4) GLUE bunting to string. Tie string to wooden dowels, drill small hole in pedestal and glue dowels into pedestal.

5) PAINT & decorate pedestal base to go with theme and character.

6) GLUE and secure everything down to the pedestal base. Add any finishing touches. We painted around the base pf the wooden pedestal with pink and white to finish it off.

* 2 tier homemade vanilla cake w/ buttercream icing, whipped around the cake for vintage flare *


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