Sunday, April 8, 2012

stephanie l equine showcase

3 Day Eventers, Stephanie and her new partner in crime a beautiful, Thoroughbred mare; Good Karma (aka Chloe) are the first of the showcase riders for the Model search! Here's a bit about them! 

Why/How did you start riding?

I started riding when I was 5 on a beautiful WB named Midnight. I had no idea how nice he was at the time but now I know! I rode for a couple of years on that horse until I broke my arm (on the monkey bars) and had to stop for a year. After that I leased a wonderful super stinky Appy named Happy that most of the lower mainland knows as the unhappiest Appy around! After that I bought Jay, and 6 years later got Chloe!

What drives you to keep reaching new goals and heights in the equestrian world? 

That its fun! If I wasn't having fun I would've left a lonnnng time ago. Some riders often ask me why I compete, or invest so much etc. and its just because I love it. I don't need ribbons (even though they are nice) but theres nothing like having a salut at the end of a perfect dressage test, coming out of a start box or finishing your last stadium jump knowing you did great! I guess everyone has their thing... this is my thing!

What exciting things do you expect from your new mare?

I expect to have a lot of new challenges because I've never sat on something like Chloe before! I'm hoping to get out and play a lot and I am really excited to bring her to some competitions that I haven't been to before. This year is going to be one of many, I have no intention of ever selling her (or Jay) so who knows! Right now the sky is the limit!

Join Stephanie Below...

Here's some of Stephanie's Rider Feature. 

I hope this year to come out and see these two event, or even school cross country, I think it will be a fun photo experience :) 


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