Monday, May 14, 2012

biggest trip of our life.

we are people that try to stay positive even when things get confusingly hard, tough and drawn out. What ever happened on this haul, almost exhausted our positivity... but i think everything happens for a reason. Even if it cost us a ton of money. It wasn't about the money, money can always be made. It was the world showing us that even when things get way to stressful, way to tough, way to hard that all you can do is sit and cry sometimes about it. It made you stronger and a better person. 

We met some amazing people and did our best to stay positive and handle each day in the best way we could, i think this positivity was largely drawn from the people that helped and did so selflessly. 

I can only hope to do the same for others in our future. 
I believe people get too wrapped in themselves, think someone else is helping, someone else is there for them... this is not always the case. this is the reason we have stopped at so many accidents or helped people when we think it may be needed...

On this trip I witnessed people at their best. People brave enough to help out strangers. 
If there is angels, then I believe now.

outside cranbrook, bc - twilight in the sky. <3 this is the beauty that exists and is found in some people.

jordan filling up the truck for the millionth time lol, in SK I believe. Love Joce in the photo 
below!! (btw - she's obessed with iphones.... *shame*)

Going into Crowsnest pass...

upfront in our truck. 

the beautiful QH fill, Dena from SK in layover outside Williams Lake, BC.
the guys below went from Maple Ridge to SK!

Dena & Diamon hanging out in the below photo...

taken in Jasper, BC.

going to Grande Prairie, AB!

Jasper's Ice-fields.... holy right!

in SK... flat and rolling... but very cool to see finally!

Dena again lol... 

Alberta below... oh, alberta. how i can now say I can navigate myself through Grande Prairie & Calgary quite easily....

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