Thursday, May 10, 2012

Morgan & She Ottabe Awesome l equine session

We were only suppose to be on vacation for one week, but when our truck broke down just outside of Williams Lake, BC it was liberally extended to 2 weeks.
In one of the hardest and longest weeks of our life, mostly just from being confused and frustrated the kindness of strangers in the Williams Lake was incomprehensible.
When we were thinking our only option would be to live in the back of our camper in our broken down truck, Lana came knocking on our little door... all because of a growing friend on facebook (Tegan :) ) posted we needed help! Lana and Her Family generously invited us into their home. 
Some moments in life I can hardly believe...
The least I could do for them was to take some photos in hopes of showing our forever thanks...
Below is Lana's step-daughter and her horse She Ottabe Awesome. 

Thank you to Lana and her family and Tegan and Kris for being such awesome people, we will never forget your kindness!

Enjoy the images.  


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