Monday, May 7, 2012

tyla & buster l equine session

Tyla is the kind of cowgirl any girl wants to be. even if it's just for that one day at the cloverdale rodeo where you end up spending $40 on a cowboy hat and possibly more on a pair of fake leather boots. 
Her trusty partner; Buster is even more of what a cowgirl needs, a big, strong, robust quarter horse! 
He's smart (you can tell instantly) and he'll do just about anything Tyla asks (that's a cowgirl's horse). 

Tyla and Buster can be found at the rodeo's. They are part of a Drill Team. These are the girls that open the show and carry the Banners!

Now, every cowgirl needs a cowboy. Matt and Tyla haven't been going out "that" long but Tyla already has him in the saddle and with his own horse too (that cute little bay mare on the left).

Is it just me or do these four just look way to perfect together!??

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