Monday, June 25, 2012

james l our newborn

well this is my baby!! 
born June 6th at 3.15pm (I was 6 days overdue and funny enough I was 6 days over with Jocelynn as well and she was born on April 6th!!) It was a really awesome experience, i got to have another successful homebirth with no interventions and it was only 4 hours long (4 fast moving hours). though you likely don't want to hear all these details...
we named him James and he's a precious little guy. 
we didn't know if it was a boy or girl and i think just not knowing kept me going through the pain! :) 
if you knew the story that went along with the name James and my life, you would likely be so confused it would make no sense, but since this name has haunted my existence since I can remember (or maybe i'm just addicted to it) it was literally the only name I had for a boy (of course) and Jordan didn't protest it. So now, I have a family of J-names, me being the odd one out! 
Jocelynn is loving being a big sister too! she calls him "cute" :)

 these were taken at about 4 days old... *sigh* <3

oh i love himmmm!! haha

i have two kids! little joce and baby james <3

2 weeks 5 days old...

so we're tired, exhausted, he hasn't figured out night time yet but we're getting through. Besides me being behind on photo work, life is pretty sweet. 
My husband-to-be will be going back to school in like 2 weeks! He's going to be a Paramedic, I'm sure you'll hear bunches about that as I get back into blogging or perhaps I will start another blog for those stories... this week we'll be going to Williams Lake to see the Rodeo and take a few photos!

Hope that's a good enough update on my life! 

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