Sunday, July 22, 2012

jenn & bryan l fort langley vintage wedding

well how can i describe this wedding... it had some of the best speeches, the most doting bridesmaids, lively groomsmen, perfect decor and the most happiest tears i have ever seen a bride and groom shed thus far. 
bryan and jenn have been together for 7 years and you can tell this wedding was well awaited for. 
i don't think i've ever seen a groom so moved by his bride as she walked down towards him. he truly loves jenn with every ounce of his heart. i tried to capture all this love, all these little moments throughout the day for them. i don't think they will ever forget, but i hope every time they look at their wedding images they'll be brought right back to their day. 

best wishes bryan & jenn. <3

getting ready...

so attentive and loving bridesmaids, these girls knew their job and were happy to tears to do it!

bryan was so moved when he saw jenn walking down the aisle. it was a beautiful ceremony! 

i don't know how many people noticed but as they were pronounced man and wife the sun parted through the clouds and shown down. those type of things just make you wonder... 

 moments i live for being a photographer... just so beautiful! jenn's face just says it all. 

now time to rock some portraits...

jenn was so beautiful!!!!

grand entrance!!

last few images of their first dance...

i generally do not post this many images but i really wanted to share every moment of this wedding with you, there was so much love here, i think you can more than tell from the photos :) 


  1. i am just wondering, where was the reception located at? it looks nice


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