Monday, August 20, 2012

Cory & Kai l A Sweet Backyard Wedding

cory & kai's backyard wedding, planned in 2.5 weeks! (i'm not joking)
enjoy this sweet backyard affair! 
All the best to Cory & Kai!! 

simple makeup for a soft and beautiful look for kai! done by her new sister! 

hot pink shoes!? yes please!

she's so happy to be part of this family, you can so tell! kai loves them!

kai you're so pretty! 

something blue & something borrowed. grandma's wedding ring.

cory came to get kai. so sweet!

married on a HOT 30' day! 

happy to be married!

love them, so cute!

this was hilarious, had to share! (new mother's idea!)

the cake!

kai was so in love with her new mom's cake!

so SWEET! 


  1. Thanks for capturing these was a very happy day for us

  2. Hi Bella, love your work! This couple looks so fun and happy!


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