Friday, October 12, 2012

Yarrah & Ceilidh l portraits

These two are country loving, horse riding, animal loving little girls. Their cousins and haunt these locations you see in photos frequently on their grandmother's 160 acre animal rescue. The property is a sanctuary to many animals. Where they can recover and find new homes or find a forever retirement if needed. These two have grown up and turned to animal lovers just like their family. 
Enjoy their special session that Yarrah's mother hopes will be a forever keepsake for them. (I think you got what you wanted Robin!)

Ceilidth & Tulula. This horse was a rescue and is the exact same age as Ceilidth. They have been together since the age of four.

Yarrah & Tess. Tess is Yarrah has been riding her whole life and just recently was allowed to use a saddle. This has taught her to have a good seat and ride a horse with freedom. 

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  1. Bella I am amazed. You went above and beyond what I was hoping for. You are an artist and you have a great eye. Thank you for the special memories at this time in our lives.You left me speachless. Robin


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