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Hi, I'm Bella!

I've been a professional photographer since 2010! 


I started my photography business officially in 2010! I got into photography when my daughter was born. It was always an interest of mine I dabbled in throughout my younger years but having my daughter really pushed me to learn more about photography and grow my business! 

A lot of people over the years have asked me how I photograph and deal with the pressures of photographing someone's wedding with lighting changes, glaring sun and harsh water reflections off those beautiful Cariboo lakes!.. hundreds of weddings later, I've come to realize how much I LOVE that pressure. I love not knowing what the lighting will be like, how the weather may change, what may disturb the timeline of the day. If it can be imagined, I've likely already been through it.. honestly, it's all I feel my clients need to know about me. So if you love my style of photography, we are going to work great together on your day and rest assured, I've got you covered from the crazy family portrait time, to the pressure of the bouquet toss, or the little bit of sunlight left for those golden hour couples shots. 

Though I love all forms of photography, weddings have captured me, whole-heartedly! 


Please Email: (not .com) for inquiries

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